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Test Preparation

SAT Complete test preparation

Our custom tutoring plan for SAT covers full length and section-wise practice tests and lessons for students to refine their skills and improve their scores. Each child has unique skills and weaknesses, so our learning programs are customised to help your child better his performance in a self-paced manner. Students are taught highly effective strategies to tackle SAT tests with ease, and grab their dream score in Reading, Writing and Language and Math.

SAT Math Only preparation

Our proficient Math tutors are here to provide a solid foundation in Math and plenty of practice tests to build the student’s confidence for the real test. The child’s proficiency in specific topics is tested and greater focus is given to areas which need improvement. Whether you have just begun preparing for SAT or are looking to improve your current score, our tutors offer you customised coaching for all levels.

SAT Reading and Writing test preparation

Students are given challenging passages to deepen their active reading skills and arrive at the correct answer by elimination and other strategies. Our tutors review each reading activity thoroughly and discuss errors and eliminate them. Students develop their skills at critical reading and learn to identify the correct answer from equally plausible options.

Writing is a slightly challenging section for many students, but we make things simpler by guiding the child through the basics of grammar along with plenty of exercises for reinforcing each concept. Our proven strategies and drills prepare students for unknown words and phrases that might come their way in the real test.


Our interactive, personalised PSAT tutoring program is aimed to prepare the child for the real SAT test by honing her critical thinking and problem-solving skills. We introduce the student to the basic test format, show them the best tips and strategies for solving questions, and provide ample practice on reading, writing and math sections. Finally, we also guide the student on managing anxiety and being confident and calm on the big day.


ACT Complete Test Preparation

The ACT is your child’s door to a good college and a successful future course in education, so preparation for ACT has to start early. An initial diagnostic test helps us decide the learning trajectory for each student. Apart from extensive learning resources in the form of practice tests and section-wise questions, the student also learns to manage his time efficiently and maximise his score using tips and tricks. We regularly monitor the student’s progress and provide feedback so that on the day of the test, the student feels confident and prepared.

PARCC Test Preparation

The PARCC tests how your child measures up against the Common Core Standards. We analyse your child’s current skills and decide which areas need to be worked on a priority basis. Our dedicated tutors provide students with ample practice in the form of sample tests so that the student can handle the computer-based test like a pro.

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