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Science Tutoring

Elementary Science

Science is of paramount significance in our everyday lives, from the air we breathe to the way we communicate. The elementary science course is designed to instil in young learners the love for science through exploration and experimentation. Through the course, they develop the skills and strategies required for scientific reasoning and technological problem-solving. The course focuses on the fundamental concepts of matter, energy, modelling systems and structures, identifying patterns of change and sustainability & stewardship. The prime focus is to help children connect science to the world around them and make them appreciate the role played by science and technology in solving everyday challenges and bettering human lives.

Middle and High School

Earth Science tutoring

The course builds on the natural curiosity of young minds about the environment, earth systems and outer space. Students investigate the earth’s structure, plate tectonics, geological processes and natural disasters, geological time, mapping of the earth, weather and climate, ecology and environment conservation. They also learn about the solar system and how the moon and the sun affect tides and seasons.

Life science tutoring

The course introduces the child to the world of living organisms ranging from the smallest microbe to the giant whale. Students learn about the classification of living organisms, cell structure and function, genetics, human body systems and ecology. They learn to appreciate the biodiversity around them and the impact of human activities on the global ecosystem.

Physical science tutoring

This course covers the fundamental concepts in Physics and Chemistry along with some math that lays the foundation for understanding the world, both at the macroscopic and microscopic level. The child learns about measurement, physical and chemical changes, atoms and molecules, chemical reactions, motion and forces, light, electricity and magnetism. The child is given enough opportunities to explore each concept, correlate it to the processes happening around him, and make innovative solutions to problems.

Physics tutoring

Students explore linear motion through the study of vectors and scalars and solve problems involving speed, velocity, acceleration and the kinematic equations. They learn to describe and predict the motion of objects through Newton’s laws of motion. The fundamental concepts of force, energy, heat, waves, electricity and magnetism are covered in this course. The child gains a better understanding of the laws that govern all universal phenomena and how to explain these observations in a scientific manner using equations, tables and graphs.

Chemistry Tutoring

The child explores the atomic structure and the current Quantum mechanical model of the atom. He learns to relate the atomic structure to the behaviour of substances in the real world. Basics of chemical bonding and bonding theories, the behaviour of gases, intermolecular forces in gases, liquids and solids, chemical reaction rate and equilibria, nuclear chemistry and organic chemistry are discussed in detail. The student gets an overall in-depth understanding of the various ways in which atoms and molecules interact to create the world that we see today.

Biology Tutoring

The course investigates the chemical basis of life, the structure of the cell, cellular processes that sustain life, cell replication and genetics, heredity and evolution. The child gets an overview of all life forms from the smallest virus to plants, animals and the human body systems.

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