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Math Tutoring

Elementary (Grade 1-4)

We follow a comprehensive curriculum for the elementary school that builds on the fundamental concepts of numbers, measures, basic operations and geometrical shapes. Small kids learn by observing. We capture their attention through interesting math activities/exercises built around real-life experiences. The focus is on child-led learning, where the tutor takes cues from the child and turns them into opportunities for developing math concepts.

Our classes are highly interactive, and plenty of room is given to the child for articulating her ideas and clearing doubts and consolidating each math concept. Our aim is to go beyond the main course material through engaging, activity-based learning that links concepts to experience.

We broadly work on the following elementary math concepts:

All our classes are filled with colourful, fun activities which children love. What a great way to build a rock-solid foundation in Math!

Middle and High School

Pre-Algebra tutoring

In this course, the child sharpens his abstract reasoning skills further and learns to model real-life situations using symbols and expressions. Working ahead with fractions, decimals and proportion, the student learns to compare offers, make scale models, interpret data from surveys and a lot more. Rational numbers, exponential notation and finally, irrational numbers are discussed. The child gets acquainted with algebraic expressions and equations, taught in a contextual setting. Starting off with simple functions, one gradually progresses to more challenging multi-step scenarios. Application of these concepts in other interrelated fields like geometry is also discussed, so the child understands how various branches of mathematics come together in solving everyday problems.

Algebra 1 tutoring

In this course, the student dives into the greater depths of expressions, equations and functions. She learns to visualise, plot and interpret functions more effectively, and progresses to solving systems of equations and inequalities, absolute value equations and piecewise functions. Moving ahead with exponential functions and irrational numbers, the child works with rational exponents and radicals. The concepts of polynomials, factoring and quadratics are introduced and the student gets better at modelling all kinds of real situations using algebraic manipulations.

Algebra 2 tutoring

Here the student learns to tackle more complex and interesting algebraic relationships while reinforcing the basic concepts. Expanding on the concepts learnt in Algebra 1, the student learns to solve everyday problems by modelling using rational, polynomial, exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions. Newer concepts including sequences and series, conic sections and matrices are discussed in depth.

Algebra 2 & Trigonometry tutoring

Along with the advanced concepts in Algebra 2 that expand on polynomial, rational, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometry is explored in its entirety with a special focus on trigonometric ratios, graphs, identities and equations.

Trigonometry Tutoring

In this course, we help the student master trigonometry through comprehensive study materials that delve beyond the curriculum. The student is guided through the basic properties of triangles, Pythagorean relationships, trigonometric functions, trigonometric formulas and identities, vector operations and more.

Geometry Tutoring

In high school geometry course, the student fortifies the concepts learnt through elementary and middle school, with special emphasis on writing proofs for these concepts and explaining them in a mathematical sense. Building on the conceptual knowledge of geometric shapes, angle relationships and properties of triangles, the course extends to include triangle congruence criteria, triangle similarity, polygons and their classification, circles, explanations for the area, perimeter and volume formulas, basic geometric theorems and coordinate geometry. Heavy emphasis is given to reasoning and proofs.which help the student to model and explain all kinds of geometric situations.

Precalculus tutoring

The precalculus course is primarily focused on strengthening the concepts of trigonometry, algebra and geometry that prepare the child for taking an advanced calculus course in future. The student learns about complex numbers, trigonometry and trigonometric graphs, analytical geometry, vectors, sequences and series, matrices and an introduction to calculus. A thorough understanding of these concepts is a prerequisite not only for calculus but also for learning advanced science and engineering courses.

Calculus Tutoring

The student gets the opportunity to solidify all the previously learnt concepts in algebra and trigonometry which are vital to learning calculus. The course includes the definition of limit and derivative, its interpretation and applications, differentiation formulas and higher order derivatives. The indefinite and definite integral along with applications are explored in another section. By the end of the course, the student receives a comprehensive view of the infinite possibilities of deploying calculus in our daily life.

Statistics tutoring

The student learns to read and categorise data, analyse surveys and interpret the results in real situations like public opinion polls or scientific studies. He works with univariate and bivariate data, two-way tables, scatters plots and data distributions. He also learns about conditional probability and how to use the rules of probability in making predictions for the future. The course makes a student adept at interpreting statistical scenarios and using them for effective decision-making.

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