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English Tutoring

Creative Writing tutoring

Creative WritingEvery talent is a precious gift, and if your child has a passion for writing, it is indeed worth fueling. Our teachers inspire students to unleash their thoughts in beautiful, imaginative ways using the written word. Along with building vocabulary and grammar, the course focuses on the study of literature, critical reading and developing persuasive writing skills. Exposure to contemporary works of literature is fortified with guided practice in writing original poems, articles, stories, plays etc. so that the literary artist in you can blossom.

Reading comprehension tutoring

Reading fluency is an important part of one’s personal and academic life. A student’s ability to comprehend daily written information reflects directly on his academic scores, communication skills and overall personality. Thus the sooner reading comprehension skills are developed in life, the better. We at Edustars academy offer Reading and Comprehension tutoring specifically designed for your student depending on his grade, so that he will be able to navigate through any written information with ease and apply the same to his writing and language development.

Writing and Grammar Tutoring

Mastering the art of the written word is crucial for academic and creative writing. We offer writing and grammar guidance for elementary, middle and high school levels. We use very effective and proven methods to teach students the basic principles of sentence construction, spelling and punctuation. Our personalised grammar lessons help students practice their writing and editing skills and express themselves creatively without grammatical errors.

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