Who we are

The proudest moment for a Teacher is when she knows that the student no longer needs her

We are an energetic team of teachers, committed to bringing quality and understanding into the world of learning. We aim at bringing out the best in every child, through patient guidance and support. Our students are our greatest inspiration at all times. They encourage us to do more.

Creating future leaders

Creating future leadersWe believe that true education goes beyond the attainment of degrees and certificates. Employers today are seeking highly creative individuals who can take on the challenging needs of an ever-changing global market. As educators, our prime mission is to make our students ready for the 21st century.

Student-centred learning

Student-centred learningThe world is shifting away from conventional, classroom-based learning to a more individualised approach that caters to the multi-faceted abilities of each child. We at Edustars Academy create the ideal platform for students to learn at their own pace and set their own goals.

Futuristic education

Our teaching is progressive and goes beyond the limits of a prescribed curriculum. We use the latest technology and out-of-the-box techniques to help children explore, analyse and create new ideas so they can be confident and competent changemakers in future.

Personalised learning experience

Personalised learning experienceOur one-on-one private tutoring helps students stretch their creativity and analytical skills beyond what they achieve in their school classroom. Our learning materials are tailored to the student, not the other way round.

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